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Lomba Menulis Novel Cinta PTS

Mendaftarlah masuk lomba ini dan datang kursus Teknik Penulisan Surah Yusuf pada Sabtu 6.1.2007.

Saudara tidak wajib menulis novel itu. Selepas kursus, jika saudara berasa saudara tidak berminat menulis novel cinta, saudara boleh tulis buku-buku cerita lain. PTS mempuyai banyak projek kreatif.

Datang dan bawa rakan saudara yang berminat menjadi novelis.




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Ideal  on  12/24  at  03:49 AM

Kursus tersebut diadakan di mana?

HAS  on  12/26  at  02:40 AM

Ah, sura yang diminati oleh kaum sufi/tassawuf, sura Yusuf.
Tidakkah puan terasa untuk bawakan kursus/bengkel penulisan novel cinta itu ke-Kelantan?

Pusi cinta saya diinspirasikan oleh sura Yusuf:

Love story

She was a princess with great beauty
In her youth, she’d seen a handsome nobility
Though just a dream she fell heavily
In love and pinning for him only
She remembered asking his identity
And he revealed not his name but his duty
Thus cheated by that moment’s reality
Alas no, same duty but different identity

The princess bemoaned her fate
Her virgin honour seriously at stake
And she heard voices in clear state
Her jewel as part of guarded estate
Outward splendour, masculinity a fake
The wedding proceeded, surely she got faith
Her affect merry her soul sedated
Waiting for the one that was fated.

She lamented,

“I left my home and my country to be with thee, to be thine!
I know I shall win thee in the end!
When that happy day comes, I shall be not I, but thou!
May I see thee soon!”

“I shall roll up the carpet of lie when I see
Thy dear face again, and shall cease to be;
For self will be lost in that rapture, and all
The threads of my thought from my hand will fall;
Not Me wilt thou find, for this Self will have fled;
Thou wilt be my soul in mine own soul’s stead.

All thought of Self will be swept from my mind,
And Thee, only, Thee, in my place shall it find;
More precious than heaven, than earth more dear
Myself were forgotten if Thou wert near.”

Such was her promise in time of yearning
A difference of age and class not withstanding
When rejected, her ego challenged and unyielding
Getting help from defense of projection and denying
By the wisdom of her man and God’s planning
She was indeed in disgraced suffering
Disrobing the Ego and true Self emerging
Polishing her heart, reflecting her True Love within

The hero denied came back in glory
And she a widow bereft of youth and beauty
A street lady hardly could see
Her humbled pride leads her to see
The all-empowering love beyond the nobility
Common faith eventually brought unity
His prayer restored her health, youth and beauty
Perfect love on pure worship to the One and only.

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  04/17  at  04:59 PM

minta e-mail kan pada saya jika ada kursus seumpama ini lagi.

Terima Kasih.

meysha  on  04/26  at  06:30 AM

“..dalam wajah indahmu tersembunyi rahasia kecantikan hakiki. Terselubung dalam aqidah, tersembunyi dalam megahnya kata-kata….”

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