Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tip Survival Penulis: Hak Pengarang

Apabila tuan dan puan menyerahkan manuskrip kepada, sebagai contoh Penerbit ABC, ambil perhatian berkenaan hak-hak cipta subsidiari yang tuan setuju menyerahkannya kepada penerbit itu.

Hak-hak itu ada dituliskan dalam dokumen perjanjian penerbitan yang tuan tanda tangani.

Saman mahkamah antara pengarang ngetop Sherry Argov dan penerbit Group Planeta banyak memberi iktibar kepada penulis dan penerbit.

Sherry Argov, author of Why Men Love Bitches, and Why Men Marry Bitches, has filed a lawsuit against Group Planeta and four affiliated companies charging the Spanish publishing giant with copyright infringement and breach of contract related to the sale of the Spanish-language editions of Argov’s two titles in Latin America as well as in Europe and England.

According to the suit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts, Planeta and its Editorial Diana Mexicana subsidiary have under paid Argov by at least $1 million by engaging in a number of practices that included: assigning the book to unknown entities without Argov’s permission; deceiving the author by paying royalties based on paperback rather than hardcover prices; selling editions in England and Europe with acquiring the rights; and concealing publication and sales of different editions of the books.

Baca laporan lengkap di Publishers Weekly.



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Hanuman  on  10/13  at  03:23 AM

I have to ask, do you just love the limp noodle legs? I do! I love it! Those are great chcoies! I don’t know about the WW stuff. I just fake it on my own… haha.  My chcoies have been to get more walking in so I am in shape for the Thanksgiving holiday challenge. I have also been trying to keep the veggies and fruits coming.

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