Thursday, December 25, 2008

Vietnam Membangun Pesat Selepas Membuang Bahasa Cina dan Perancis

Keajaiban Ekonomi Vietnam

Vietnam's economy grew by around 8.5% last year, one of Asia's most impressive rates, having grown by an average of 7.5% annually in the previous decade. As the country develops at breakneck speed, bank lending is expanding fast (by 37% last year) and there is massive demand for building materials and equipment, exacerbating the risk of overheating. - The Economist. Baca di sini.

A year ago, Vietnam was being hailed as the next Asian miracle, a success story to match the rise of the Asian tigers of the 1990s and more recently the stunning growth of China and India. Thanks to economic reforms, the communist country was attracting record amounts of foreign investment. The economy expanded by 8.5% last year — among the fastest rates in the region — and housing prices doubled and tripled, driven up in part by frantic buyers who stood in line to snap up condos before they had even been built. The country's nascent stock market was minting millionaires. In Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, their flashy new cars clogged roads better suited for bicycles. - TIME. Baca di sini

Selama beribu tahun Vietnam adalah tanah jajahan empayar China, iaitu semenjal zaman Dinasti Han (111SB), kemudian dijajah pula oleh Perancis, kemudian oleh Amerika. 

Semasa dijajah Cina, Vitenam menggunakan bahasa Cina. Semasa dijajah Perancis, Vietnam menggunakan bahada Perancis. Semasa dijajah Amerika, Vietnam menggunakan bahasa Inggeris.

Selepas Vietcong menang dan Vietnam merdeka, semua bahasa-bahasa asing itu dibuang, lalu bahasa ibunda Vietnam dijadikan bahasa penghantar dalam semua peringkat sistem pendidikannya. 


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